About us

The background to the Wall Art Records

Wall Art Records started in 2020 when founder Gustav Ebertsson lacked a neat and stylish way to hang his vinyl records. After many prototypes and tests, what would later become our hangers took shape. With the goal of creating something unique and creative, the solution landed on a hanger that would make the records "float" along the wall in a simple but visual way.

Once the design and product had taken their proper form, Gustav began to sell it internationally on various platforms. The demand was great and with successful sales abroad, it was time to create an own webshop dedicated to the product. The result of this is the page you now see.


Practical North - The company behind Wall Art Records

Practical North is today an individual business owned by Gustav Ebertsson. The company was already founded in 2015 when Gustav was 17 years old, but has changed and taken on different forms over the years. With a strong anchoring and interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, Practical North has been Gustav's way of getting space for his ideas and projects.

At Practical North and Wall Art Records, we have a passion for creating unique details and solutions that stand out. Our founder Gustav has a deep interest in design and creation.

As a company, we are small but agile and creative. We believe that one should always have open arms for both opportunities and ideas.

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